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Our workshop outline is here. If you would like a workshop in your area, please contact NWTRCC or one of the groups near you on our network page.

Report: Talkin’ Resistance in Amherst

30th Annual New England Gathering of War Tax Resisters and Supporters

Frida Berrigan speaks at war tax resistance gatheringWar tax resisters, supporters, and friends gathered for the 30th time in 30 years — an impressive record in our circles. A persistent if changing group of war tax resisters has planned gatherings large and small over a fall weekend each year since 1985. To many the themes, topics, and discussions will sound.... Read more and see photos on the War Tax Talk blog

Upcoming Conferences & Events

don't fund SOAResist Empire, Militarization and Immigrant Detention
Build a Culture of Peace
School of Americas Watch Vigil
November 20 - 22, 2015 • Fort Benning, Georgia

NWTRCC will have a literature table at the SOAW workshops and vigil. Please look for us there. Experienced war tax resisters will be able to answer you questions and provide you with basic literature and information. If you are interested in helping with the table, please contact us in advance to make arrangements with other war tax resisters for coordination and housing during the resistance weekend.

Previous Events

US Social Forum
San Jose - June 24-28
Philadelphia - June 25-28

social forum logoReport from the Social Forum in San Jose (June 24-28) is posted on our War Tax Talk blog. Watch the blog for a report from Philadelphia (June 25-28) also (should be posted about July 8).

You can also find links to some of the sessions and reports from Philadelphia, San Jose, and the event in Jackson, Mississippi, on this Social Forum page. There was a march in Philadelphia and many interesting sessions in all locations. Look for links to Facebook and Twitte on that page for more of the content.

2014 New England Gathering

The 29th annual New England Gathering of War Tax Resisters and Supporters was held October 3–5 at The New School in Kennebunk, Maine. Jason Rawn, organizer for the weekend, reported that there were about 15 attendees for the full weekend and others for part of the time. One of the highlights was a reading of "Project Unspeakable" a play inspired by James Douglass' 2010 book, JFK and the Unspeakable. The reading was open to the public and drew in new faces. Another highlight was the presentation by CodePink activist Lisa Savage, titled "How A Nice, Middle Class Girl Became A War Tax Resister."

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Brandywine Peace Community monthly potluck supper and program a large-screen showing of the 30-minute NWTRCC film, Death & Taxes was held on April 13, 2014, at University Lutheran Church, 3637 Chestnut Street. The program included an intergenerational presentation of war tax resistance experiences by longtime resister Robin Harper and newer resister Ari Rosenberg.

The program was sponsored by the Brandywine Peace Community at (610) 544‒1818.

Eugene, Oregon - April 2014
"Economic Disobedience: Taking Action to Challenge the Status Quo"

Read the blog post on the program by keynote speaker Erica Weiland, NWTRCC’s Social Media Consultant. The program was sponsored by CALC, Taxes for Peace Not War, WAND, and ESSN/Jobs with Justice.

Rochester, New York — War Tax Witness/Resistance Gathering

The workshop was held Feb. 7–8, 2014, at the M.K. Gandhi Institute For Nonviolence in Rochester, New York — what a great place and great people! We started off by writing some of our thoughts on the wall — yes, a wall you are allowed to write on! Starting on Friday evening and going most of the day on Saturday we could cover a lot of material, share stories, and also have time for one-on-one counseling for people trying to figure out how to get started refusing to pay for war. Thanks very much to our hosts. Read more about it from one of the particpants, and on our blog.

New England Regional Gathering of War Tax Resisters and Supporters • September 27–29, 2013

Cindy Sheehan spoke at the 28th Annual New England Regional Gathering of War Tax Resisters and Supporters at the Amazing Planet! Farm & Justice Center in Williamsville, Vermont.

See our blog for photos and a report on the great weekend.

You can still see photos from the 2012 New England gathering in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the transcript from a panel discussion, “Does WTR Have a Political Future?”