National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

Downloadable Outreach & Information Flyers

Hiroshima Day flyer

Hiroshima-Nagasaki — Never Again
Flyer for August 6–9

“Never Again” half-sheet flyer for August 6 and 9 leafleting. (405 KB PDF).

Print on both sides, then cut in half.

W-4 Flyer

W-4 formWhile You Work… Stop Paying For War
Controlling Federal Income Tax Withholding with W-4 Resistance

A simple explanation of income tax withholding for salaried employees and strategies for war tax resistance.

For a more thorough explanation, see Practical #1

Anarchists & War Tax Resistance

Anarchists and War Tax Resistance

Download the PDF and copy back-to-back for a half sheet flyer to hand out in your community.

Click here for the text and links to other sources.

Watch A Peace of Anarchy: Ammon Hennacy and Other Angelic Troublemakers. Includes a segment on war tax resistance starting at about 16 minutes.

Color gaza tax resistance flyer

Gaza / Israel military aid flyer

Who Pays for War
Don’t Let It Be You

$3 billion per year military aid from US to Israel
Over 10 years, 670 million weapons (US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation)
(Doug Minkler graphic from a poster he designed for Northern California War Tax Resistance)Black and white gaza flyer

Black and White version of same flyer.

If you have made a flyer or handout about the attack on Gaza
or other current issues related to war tax resistance,
please share it with us,
and we will make it available to others.

What If Flyer ColorWhat If You Work For…

Animal rights, the environment, against home foreclosures and worry about what you federal taxes are doing—or not doing. This flyer connects issue to resources for refusing to pay for what you don’t believe.

Two-sided color flyer, cut to make 3 per sheet.

What If Black White

What If You Work For…

Similar text as above but set up as a one-sided black and white letter-size outreach flyer.

Peace Tax Return

Peace Tax Return.

Who should use this form?
• People who want to register a protest to paying taxes for war
• People who choose to refuse to pay some or all of their federal taxes because they are spent on war

This is a two-page letter size PDF, with forms on one sheet and instructions on the other sheet. This is not an official IRS form.

Stages of Conscientious Objection to Taxes

Stages of Conscientious Objection to Military Taxes

A 4-page outline that helps the reader think through following their conscience. Written by Quaker war tax resisters at Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, “Stages” covers the options regarding military taxation and choice. (315 KB PDF)

War, taxes and students

Your Money or Your Life / Su Dinero o Su Vida

Flyer for students and young adults making the connection between military recruiting and tax paying for war and ideas and links for making choices.

Text version
PDF version for leafletting
En Español: Estudiantes y Guerra

Mad As Hell flyers4-up slips for leafletting

“Are you mad as hell about paying for war?” and “What if they gave a war and nobody paid?”