National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

NWTRCC Podcasts and Online Discussions

Shane ClaibornePodcast #4: "Talking with Shane Claiborne" In 2011, Shane Claiborne, Christian author and speaker and founder of the Simple Way community, announced his war tax resistance. In this interview, learn the surprising way the IRS responded to his resistance and more about the ideals that led Shane to live on a low income and to resist and redirect war taxes.

Podcast #3: "Reflections of Experienced War Tax Resisters" features a collection of interviews of longtime resisters who share their histories of resistance and their motivations for taking this path of nonviolent direct action.

Google Hangout #2, Beyond the Rally. Video or Podcast or transcript
Presenters from NWTRCC, the Center on Conscience and War, and the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund

Google Hangout #1, War Tax Resistance for a Better World. Video or Podcast or transcript
Ari, Katherine, and Shaolida discuss why and how they refuse to pay for the war machine

TV and Radio Interviews


Occupy Radio Podcast "War Tax Resistance" interview with Ari Rosenberg. Starts at 6:35 min. (Apr. 15)

WMNF Radio, Florida — "War tax refusers redirect money to civil improvement, and corporations that pay next to nothing in taxes" Rob Lorei interviews Bill Ramsey about resistance and redirection (Apr. 15)

Bishop on Air, WMAY Illinois — "War Tax Resistance" interview with Peter Smith about his experience as a war tax resister. (Apr. 14)

KBOO Radio, Portland — #DearIRS: We refuse to pay for war — interview with Pam Allee, Ruth Benn, and Bill Glassmire (Apr 13)

Northern Spirit Radio"Supporting War Tax Resisters" interview with Peter Smith (Apr. 5)

Law and Disorder RadioWar Tax Resistance interview with NWTRCC Co­or­di­na­tor Ruth Benn. (Mar. 30)


David Gross "Should I Stop Paying My Taxes on Moral Grounds?" on Radical Personal Finance

Democracy Now! War Tax Resisters Mark April 15 with Call to Stop Military Spending with Lida Shao (4/15/14)

David Gross on Porkins Policy Review, Episode 17 (March)

Jack Payden-Travers on “Tax Quandary,” WVTF Public Radio (4/8/14)

Peg Morton and Susan Cundiff on “Using the Tax Return to Protest War,” Jefferson Exchange Public Radio (4/2/14)

2013 and before

Ed Hedemann on “Breaking the Set,” RT TV (9/23/13)

Ed Hedemann on Democracy Now! (and WMNF Radioactivity (4/15/13)

Susan Quinlan on “Letters and Politics” KPFA (at 48 min.; 4/15/13)

Peter Smith on South Bend TV (4/16/13)

David Waters on Birmingham Cbs42 News (4/17/13)

Bishop Gumbleton on Democracy Now! talked about war tax resistance (4/12/13)

Tax Day Video with interviews, New York Raw Videos by RK Chin, (4/17/12)

War tax resister Thad Crouch speaking at the Texans for Accountable Government’s Trans-partisan LiberTEA Party in Austin on tax day — YouTube videos, Part 1 and Part 2 (approx. 7 min. each)

Click here for links to a variety of audio interviews — some short, some long — from several war tax resisters and shows around the country.

More WTR Videos

Path to War Tax Resistance: Erica Weiland's November 6, 2014, talk at Bethany Seminary and Earlham School of Religion's weekly Peace Forum. (Fall 2014 listings)

Activist Cindy Sheehan’s talk at the Asheville, N.C., gathering, May 2013

Tony SerraSan Francisco attorney J. Tony Serra’s talk at the war tax resistance gathering in Oakland (May 2011)

NYU Student Video with interviews of War Tax Resisters (Dec. 2009)

Laura Flanders & Ed HedemannNWTRCC’s Ed Hedemann on GRITtv with Laura Flanders to talk about war tax resistance and redirection. (April 2009)

Other Short Videos of War Tax Resisters as they explain why they refuse to pay for war, how they do it, dealing with fear of the IRS, and the empowerment of resisting taxes for war from 2005 plus bonus clip of Joan Baez in 1964 announcing her refusal to pay for the Vietnam War.

NWTRCC’s Channel on YouTube

“Boston Legal” Features Tax Resistance!

The March 14, 2006, episode of the ABC series Boston Legal opened with one of the law firm employees getting arrested at the office for refusing to pay her taxes. She had stuck a note on her tax form instead, which said “Stick It,” the name given to this episode. While it is certainly unheard of to be arrested immediately and then go right to trial for refusing to pay for the evil deeds of the U.S. government (and that was her reason — war in Iraq on false pretences, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, government spying on U.S. citizens), it was certainly surprising to see tax resistance dealt with on mainstream TV. She is found guilty and is told to pay her taxes, but the episode features a stirring closing argument by her lawyer (played by James Spader). Search online if you want to watch the full episode.

An enterprising YouTuber posted the excellent closing argument with a relevant set of photos - worth a watch and listen.
You can read the transcript at


When NWTRCC made our film Death and Taxes, Daptone Records, an independent label based in Brooklyn, NY, graciously gave us Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kingspermission to use an early song, “What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes?,” by the now famous Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings. You can find out more about them and order their musice on the Daptone Records website or on the Sharon Jones website. Listen to “What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes?” now by watching Death and Taxes, which starts with the song, or listen by clicking on the group’s photo (right). Share it with everyone you know!

Charlie King and Karen BrandowOne of our longtime favorites, Charlie King, sings his famous (to us at least!) “Don’t Pay Taxes” with Karen Brandow.

It’s also used in our film Death and Taxes, so be sure to watch it!