National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

NWTRCC Gathering
San Diego
May 2–4, 2014

Our San Diego war tax resistance gathering began with a community dinner on Friday evening, hosted by the First Brethren Church. After an excellent potluck dinner and greens from the onsite Peace Garden, gathering attendees Robert Randall, Erica Weiland, and Jay Sordean talked about their war tax resistance and redirection. Saturday’s topics ranged from trade and militarism to border issues and youth activism. The introductory war tax resistance session proved lively. We needed more time for issues that are coming up for current resisters, including Obamacare and some tougher actions by the IRS against longtime resisters. Saturday afternoon and Sunday’s business meeting explored moving NWTRCC’s work ahead. Read more about the weekend at War Tax Talk and on David Gross’s blog.

Gathering location Friends Ce center san diego Flowers outside Center
Our meetings were held at the beautiful Friends Center, a straw bale building that houses the Peace Resource Center, the local AFSC office, and in the middle, the Friends Meeting room. Striking flowers in bloom outside the building.
Brethren Church outdoor dinner Peace Resource Center of San Diego NWTRCC meeting
Friday evening’s dinner was a community dinner hosted by the First Brethren Church, on the same property as the Friends Center. Three war tax resisters talked about the motivations and methods after the dinner. Photo by David Gross The Saturday and Sunday meetings and workshops were held in the Peace Resource Center.
social time Elizabeth Boardman Jay Sordean speaking
NWTRCC Administrative Committee member Elizabeth Boardman, right, enjoys some social time on Friday night with a San Diego attendee. Jay Sorden spoke about the Northern California People’s Life Fund grants. Behind, Cathy Deppe and Alex Walker of Los Angeles listen.
Guest Speakers on TPP Project YANO talk
Guest speakers Virginia Franco, Women Occupy San Diego, and Herb Shore joined us on Saturday morning with a presentation about trade, the TransPacific Partnership, and how these issues link to militarization. Jesus Mendez and Rick Jahnkow spoke about the work of Project YANO and activism around immigration and education. They reported on a successful campagn to remove Junior ROTC shooting ranges from 11 local high schools!
Photo by David Gross.
Erica at Peace Garden NWTRCC Coordinator at work
NWTRCC’s Social Media Consultant Erica Weiland harvests vegetables from the Peace Garden for dinner. NWTRCC Coordinator Ruth Benn sorts papers for the business meeting.
Bill Glassmire relaxing Mariah Gayler host
Bill Glassmire from Oregon enjoys the weather — and some kind of large beverage. Mariah Gayler, Director of the Peace Resource Center, speaks during a session.
Robert Randall Lonnie Valentine making 2 points
Robert Randall, Brunswick, Georgia. Lonnie Valentine from Richmond, Indiana, will host the next NWTRCC gathering at Earlham College, November 6–8.
Giant Pizza for dinner Dinner setting
Hungry activists Erica, Anne, Ruth, Mariah, Rick, and Dave admire the giant 28-inch (!) pizza before digging in. Saturday evening’s pizza dinner provided some relaxing social time in a perfect setting.
Administrative Committee lizard in san diego

NWTRCC’s Administrative Committee meets all day Friday to prepare for the Sunday Coordinating Committee meeting. The group was talking to Ari on Skype because she could not make the meeting. We agreed to try more virtual meetings to save on costs and because of environmental concerns of flying. Right: A friendly native checks out war tax resistance.